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Paphias Aphrodites 17, Paphos 8041

At Kathitziotis, our unwavering dedication extends not only to the creation of products but also to the realm of visual communication through our graphic design services. We are committed to fostering a profound connection between people and the ancient Greek history that reverberates through the heart of Cyprus. Embracing both the tangible and the visual, we believe in the power of tradition and innovation. Our mission is to encapsulate the timeless essence of Greek heritage within our offerings and designs, transcending geographical boundaries and sharing the Hellenic spirit with the world.

Drawing from the wellspring of Cyprus’s illustrious history, which has borne witness to the footprints of great civilizations, our creations and designs serve as living relics. They embody the legacy of the past while resonating with the contemporary world. Whether it be in the intricate craftsmanship of our artifacts, the flavors of our culinary treasures, or the compelling narratives conveyed through our graphic design work, every product and service is a testament to the enduring spirit of Greece. At Kathitziotis, we blend history with creativity, offering a unique combination of products and graphic design services that celebrate Greek culture in all its forms.