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Latchi Pleasure Boats – Latchi Private Boat Hire

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Latchi Pleasure Boats
Latchi Pleasure Boats, Πόλη Χρυσοχούς, Paphos 8820

Latchi Pleasure Boats provide private luxury boat rentals from Latchi port. The company has been newly established with brand new professional boats. Have a fantastic experience using our professional boats while enjoying the beauty of Blue Lagoon and Lara Beach. We can provide Latchi boats either with a captain or self-drive. In case you are looking to rent a boat for self-drive, we are also providing the necessary training beforehand. Our Paphos boats are unsinkable even in bad weather conditions and contain all the necessary equipment. So, avoid any mechanical problems of old engines and choose our brand new boats which are also insured with 1000 euro excess.