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kantretti ave. 18,Alethriko,Larnaca,7570, Larnaca 7570

Allow the imagination to be explored through magic tricks and illusions for ages as young as two with Mr John the Magician, a Member of the Magic Circle, United Kingdom since 1978. The show consists of magic tricks where children can have the opportunity to take part in the show and the illusional trick for a while as the Magician’s apprentice, creating an uplifting atmosphere amongst young and old alike.

Party music and bubbles in the air having children and adults dancing everywhere, tricks involving real time pets (a rabbit and a dove) or those who respectfully wish to not have the use of real animals can be shown pictures or a cuddle toy to substitute them. Treats are also available for all guests at the end of the show and a certificate is given to the birthday boy or girl. Balloon modelling is also provided (optional if your child has a dislike for them)at the end of the show where the children can choose a modelled character – a rabbit, a dog, a teddy etc. Party games can also be an option time allowing.